Project 5.6

We are currently offering 2020 internships in a variety of countries. We’re currently working on more locations to host our interns, so if you’re interested in a specific country or want the most updated list of location, please reach out and ask.

Regardless of the location of your internship, you will join the community of long-term team members who have spent years working in that country. If you are on our educational internship track, you will be placed in a teaching environment that will allow you to fulfill your requirements. If you’re a part of our professional internship track, you will teach, learn, and grow alongside your team leader and mentors. Both tracks will have opportunities to work with the next generation of leaders, develop your leadership skills, explore more of your gifts, engage the culture in creative and practical ways, deepen your spiritual walk, and make unforgettable friendships. It certainly will be an experience of a lifetime!

Project 5.6 seeks those who are willing to step away from life as they know it and risk seeing the world as it really is. Project 5.6 is looking for those with a heart to serve, seeking a deeper journey both spiritually and physically. Along the way, you will grow as a leader, gain skills to be used for the rest of your life, and work alongside people passionate about loving others and seeking the deeper meaning of community.

Yes, we do. However, we will carefully take into consideration team dynamics and other factors to make sure we are assembling teams that are healthy for everyone. If you're married and want to do an internship with ELIC, then let’s talk about it.

Project 5.6 is an all-inclusive program, which means the cost will cover airfare, housing, insurance, training, and much more. For this reason, the costs vary slightly based on your internship location. To find an accurate cost for where you hope to do your internship please contact (888) 475-3542 or e-mail us at go@elic.org.

Absolutely! We want you to truly experience the place that you call home for six months. We will organize optional cultural outings where you can explore and get to know the city where you're living. There will certainly be downtime throughout the week for you to enjoy a coffee or tea at a local café with your teammates or maybe even do some shopping at local markets.

The purpose of Project 5.6 is for you to experience the work that ELIC is accomplishing overseas while growing as an individual and professional. You will get the unique opportunity to see our teachers in action inside and outside the classroom while you work alongside them. You will get to see some of the most beautiful places in the world while learning teamwork and leadership skills. You will become a part of the ELIC family, and ultimately it is our hope that you will be so impacted by what you experience that you choose to commit to long-term service with us.