Project 5.6

Our leadership teams globally work hard to create internship opportunities in locations where you and your team will have close proximity to long-term teachers and place you in a situation where you can thrive. As doors open and dynamics shift, new opportunities open on a regular basis. For our 2020 internships, we anticipate offering internships in Tunisia, Cambodia, and Vietnam. If you’d like the most updated information regarding locations, just reach out and ask.



For the first time in the country’s history, Tunisia's large young adult population (60 percent are under the age of 30) is interested in exploring life outside the country's borders. Consider your place in being a strategic answer to an entire generation's questions about what brings meaning to life.



In Vietnam, join our long-term teams as they teach on university campuses, navigate life in the bustling city of Hanoi, and experience the majestic beauty of rural Vietnam. Check what you think you know about this country at the door. You’ll discover a country full of beauty, life, and complexity that you never knew existed.



In Cambodia, dive into life with this young and vibrant country and its ambitious and beautiful citizens. Experience Cambodia’s active urban environment and quiet countryside juxtaposed for an exciting and life-changing adventure.