The next year of your life is pivotal. Don’t waste it.

While participating in the EQUIP program, you will join our local, long-term teams as they transform campuses, cities, and nations through education, sports, leadership development, and more.

This could be the most valuable investment in others and in your future.

The EQUIP program is a chance for you to learn new skills while investing in the lives of others. Spend a year pouring into students to equip them and yourself for a brighter future. The people who participate in the EQUIP program are the kind of people who want to experience new cultures, do something that matters, invest in others, and gain skills that propel them to new opportunities.

All of our EQUIP participants work together on teams. No one goes alone. We’ll train you, prepare you, and provide you with a solid infrastructure of support throughout your time overseas.




For the first time in the country’s history, Tunisia’s large young adult population (60 percent are under the age of 30) is interested in exploring life outside the country's borders. Consider your place in being a strategic answer to an entire generation’s questions about what brings meaning to life.




Our Laos interns will work alongside our thriving and fun long-term team as you live as an educator on university and other campuses while pouring your life into students and colleagues.




In Vietnam, join our long-term teams as they teach on university campuses, navigate life in the bustling city of Hanoi, and experience the majestic beauty of rural Vietnam. Check what you think you know about this country at the door. You’ll discover a country full of beauty, life, and complexity that you never knew existed.