No. Many people come to ELIC without previous teaching experience. You will be provided with the cultural and professional training necessary to be a successful teacher. This training includes a graduate-level TESOL certificate from Wheaton College and the interpersonal framework needed to thrive in your new home. Once overseas, you will have access to ELIC’s teaching specialists, who offer coaching and guidance to teachers throughout the year.

No, you do not need to speak the language of your host country. Most of the students ELIC teaches are able to speak at least some basic English. However, many teachers find that their experience is more rewarding and fruitful when they are able to gain an understanding of the host language. For this reason ELIC supports language study and provides a variety of options to make this possible.

ELIC's priority is for you to thrive as you live and work overseas. This is achieved with a combination of income from your school and financial support you will fundraise. ELIC will work with you to build a customized financial profile tailored to your specific situation and needs. ELIC also provides professional training in support raising and coaching to help you raise funds before you leave.

ELIC understands that student loans are a reality for most people today. ELIC doesn’t want this to keep you from following your vision to teach overseas! ELIC offers several options to those who have student loans and works with you to decide which option is the best. Many of ELIC’s teachers have successfully taught overseas while paying off their student loans at the same time. Talk with a candidate advisor to learn more about these options.

Families are a vital part of ELIC! Currently, ELIC has more than 60 families teaching and serving with us overseas, including more than 140 children! Each member of a family plays a unique role interacting with students and members of the community. ELIC offers families specific resources and training specially designed for them.