About Project 5.6

The next step for your life and career starts here

Regardless of where your internship takes place, you will join our local, long-term teams as they transform campuses, cities, and regions through education, sports, leadership development, and more.

Internships don't have to be boring

Many people like you are ready to break out of their comfort zone and dive into a new culture, new people, and new opportunities. Spend six months with us and we will open your eyes and heart to some of the most amazing and strategic work happening on the planet today.

All of our interns work together on teams. No one goes alone. We'll train you, equip you, and provide you with a solid infrastructure of support throughout your internship.



Project 5.6

In Laos, experience lush forests, winding mountain roads, rushing streams, and the kind, inviting people of this beautiful nation of 140+ ethnic groups. Laos walks a fine line between modernization and ancient culture. Consider your place as a strategic answer to a generation's questions about what brings meaning to life.



Project 5.6

In Vietnam, join our long-term teams as they teach on university campuses, navigate life in the bustling city of Hanoi, and experience the majestic beauty of rural Vietnam. Check what you think you know about this country at the door. You’ll discover a country full of beauty, life, and complexity that you never knew existed.



Project 5.6

In Cambodia, dive into life with this young and vibrant country and its ambitious and beautiful citizens. Experience Cambodia’s active urban environment and quiet countryside juxtaposed for an exciting and life-changing adventure.